The easiest of our club rides require a basic level of cycling fitness – you should be a reasonably capable off-road cyclist who can ride cross country for at least two hours including climbs and descents. Ride leaders take time and effort to plan and lead interesting and fun club rides and should 1 . Introduce new riders to the group. 2 . Ensure that all riders are wearing helmets. 3 . Start rides at the prescribed time. 4 . Brief riders proper ride etiquette. 5 . Assist riders in fixing punctures and in repairing other mechanical problems. 6 . Provide GPS files (if possible), route highlights and likely conditions/terrain. 7 . Rides are governed by the slowest rider and we always wait - Ride leaders will guide the group and make decisions to change the ride if required. 8 . Employ (if required) Ride Sweeping (last bike in group) or Spot ( Rider behind the l eader stops at a junction, counts through and directs remaining riders then joins the back of the group) 9 . Direct anyone who wishes to leave the ride back to the start. In turn riders should 1 . Turn up on time 2 . Respect leaders decisions 3. Assist in any way possible
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What to expect from our Club Rides
Singletrack Trail Grades
Suitable for
Trail & surface types
Gradients & technical features
Suggested fitness level
Mountain bikers with basic off-road riding skills.
Trail surface may include small obstables of roots and rock.
Most gradients are moderate but may include short steep sections. Includes small Technical Trail Features (TTFs)
A good standard of fitness can help. 1.5 -2hour duration
Proficient mountain bikers with good off-road riding skills.
Steeper and tougher, mostly singletrack with technical sections. Expect vary variable surface types.
A wide range of climbs and descents of a challenging nature will be present. Expect boardwalks, berms, large rocks, medium steps, drop-offs, cambers, water crossings.
Higher level of fitness and stamina. 2 - 3 hours Duration
Challenging (Sunday rides or trips away)
Expert mountain bike users, used to physically demanding routes.
Difficult with an expectation of greater challenge and continuous difficulty. Can include any useable trail surface and may include exposed open hill sections.
Possible large, committing and unavoidable TTFs. Sections will be challenging and variable. May also have "downhill" style sections.
Suitable for very active people used to prolonged effort. 3-4 hours Duration maybe more on trips away
(Friday Rides)
(Wednesday & Shorter Sunday rides)